Flight of the Gibbon (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

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Flight of the Gibbon is one of Chiang Mai’s best and most popular attractions, and for good reason too. It contains over 5km of zip lines, with the world’s single longest zip line, in treetop canopy, at over 850 meters. There are 33 platform stations and two suspension bridges spread across the lush Thai jungle.
Located 90 minutes from Chiang Mai in the village of Mae Kampong Flight of the Gibbon is perfect for thrillseekers or anyone looking for a unique adventure. Soaring through the trees, at times over 30 meters from the ground, provides a rush unlike any other.
At Flight of the Gibbon, safety is of the utmost precaution and the guides, called “sky rangers”, ensure you are able to take in the stunning views of the jungle from treetop canopy without having to worry about any incidents occurring. Their guidance is also essential to maximizing the exhilarating zip line experience.

Flight of the Gibbon
29/4-5 Kachasarn Rd., Chang Klan, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand.
Tel: +66 89 9705511, +66 53 010660

Email: [email protected]
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Throughout the tour, you will encounter signs that highlight the unique flora and fauna of the Thai Rainforest and contain information about the animals that are indigenous to the area. One of these areas contains more than just a sign, it features the namesake of the tour, the gibbon. Watching these agile apes swing from branch to branch it is easy to see why it is called Flight of the Gibbon.

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Flight Of The Gibbon, Chiang Mai.

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